1. Anna being + adorable 

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    This is how ‘Frozen’ should have really ended. Watch the full video here and see Wolverine sing ‘Let It Go.’ 

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  3. Do you want to build a smiley?

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    For my photography class I did series of self-portraits in which I attempted to portray culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades. This is the product of that idea…

    this is SO COOL oh man

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Scultped model of the Spirited Away Bathhouse.


    Scultped model of the Spirited Away Bathhouse.

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First-Look: Concept Art for the Guillermo del Toro-Produced ‘Book of Life’
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Jin Kim


    Jin Kim

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    Been bored lately, so I decided to practice drawing people by transferring some of the original Elsa concept art sketches onto toned paper. Might have gone a little crazy with the white charcoal haha…

    Original sketches are not mine, obviously; they’re Jin Kim’s. I just stared at them for a few hours and tried to duplicate them as best I could. Yay practice.

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